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because criminal charges are not the field of the Codecision procedure.

Seem to be really recommended to me.

Lius Berenguer's report might be also not to bad, as I've read on:

According to this, it proposes to limit the application of the provisions=
"counterfeiting" only (Am.3 to Article 2 para 1), with a new amendment (A=
m. 4)
to define counterfeiting: "For the purposes of this directive counterfeit=
shall be deemed to exist when an intellectual property right is deliberat=
and fraudulently infringed".

... looks like an improvement as well.

> Mrs. Fourtou's latest Compromise Amendments

I think all followups should go to:

All the info here should be known there already.

PS: Finally the relevant part of EDRI-gram number 22 are a bit more:


    bi-weekly newsletter about digital civil rights in Europe

                    Number 22, 19 November 2003



The vote on the Draft Directive on the Enforcement of Intellectual
Property Rights, originally foreseen for the meeting of the Judicial
Affairs Committee of the European Parliament last Monday, has been
postponed again. The Rapporteur, Janelly Fourtou (Conservative, France)
had to give in to a request for delay supported by a majority composed of
Social Democrats, Liberals, Greens and the Left. They argued more
discussion was necessary to be able to understand the problems in
connection with the Directive.

The next date scheduled for the vote in committee is 27 November, in
Brussels. It is unlikely that there will be a vote in the Plenary of the
European Parliament before the end of the year, because the EU Council ha=
already presented an alternative version of the Directive, which will
inevitably lead to more discussions before the report can be voted in

Additionally, it seems, the Italian Presidency, whose term ends at the en=
of the year, is not particularly keen on dealing with the issue. The
software industry seems to have higher expectations of the upcoming Irish
Presidency, and is already lobbying heavily in order to have the Directiv=
passed before the enlargement of the European Union by the middle of next

Mrs. Fourtou's Compromise Amendments

(Contribution by Andreas Dietl, EDRI EU affairs director)

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above mentioned doc is dated 29 October 2003 - if you have a look at Agen=
da No 5
of the meeting docs from Monday, 17 November 2003


you find a newer version, dated 11.11.2003 (in several languages)


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11 November 2003 PE 332.534/10-19


Draft report (PE 332.534)
Janelly Fourtou
Measures and procedures to ensure the enforcement of intellectual propert=
y rights

Proposal for a directive (COM(2003) 46 =96 C5-0055/2003 =96 2003/0024(COD=

N.B.: The deletion of the criminal law provisions (Article 20) and the re=
moval of patents
from the scope form an integral part of the set of compromise amendments.=
compromise amendments replace compromise amendments 1-9, which have been
withdrawn (AMC 511548).

Text proposed by the Commission       Amendments by Parliament


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As a side note: EU Commission & Janelly Fourtou received this years
Big Brother Award Austria in the category 'Politics'.The trophies were
boar ears, cut of from their skulls live on stage by local artists. As no
winner was present to get his prize they were mailed together with a
certficate, a statement and a bonus cooking recipe (in German)


Big Brother Awards Austria 2003 -- Wien, 26.10., 21:00 Flex -- free entry
"We name them and we shame them"

Again, please let's make this the center:

ip-enforce at is dedicated to this directive.

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