[Linux-bruxelles] recherche d'un logiciel libre de comptabilité performant et adéquat

frederic frederic.jadoul at all2all.org
Ven 6 Sep 13:41:18 CEST 2013

Bonjour Nicolas,

Si vous avez quelqu'un qui peut consacrer un peu de temps à sa 
configuration, Sql-Ledger ( http://www.sql-ledger.com/ ) est un 
programme complet et fiable qui tourne sur serveur. Moving Art Studio a 
contribué financièrement à la mise en place du plan comptable belge en 
version FR et NL. Je pense donc que tout cela doit être téléchargeable 



  On 06/09/2013 13:25, Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:
> Bonjour,
> Le groupe numfocus recherche un logiciel de comptabilité pour ses 
> besoins, qui sont similaires à ceux du Software Freedom Conservancy 
> qui est prêt à recruter un programmeur pour développer / adapter 
> l'application qui conviendrait.
> Merci de transmettre à qui pourrait être intéressé et me mettre sur 
> une piste.
> Bonne journée,
> Nicolas
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> Hello All,
> I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the state of the 
> treasury's financial accounting.  This will probably precondition a 
> cry for help :). Things have mostly been done on an ad hoc basis thus 
> far.  I think that this is normal for most young organizations.
> However, I have been running exhaustive searches on various accounting 
> software out there over the past nine months.  This is in an effort to 
> both formalize how we work with projects (disbursing funds, accepting 
> donations, etc) and to help keep records for our tax filings.
> We are in a unique-ish position in that we are a non-profit that is a 
> confederacy of projects.  The overwhelming majority of accounting 
> software out there does not come standard with critical features that 
> we need.  If you don't believe me that this is a problem, the software 
> freedom conservancy has these same issues and they have put out a call 
> to hire a developer to work on it 
> <http://sfconservancy.org/news/2013/may/01/npo-accounting>.
> The two main features we *must* have is 1) a first-class notion of 
> projects / accounts, and 2) a reliable mechanism for storing and 
> associating documents (invoices, receipts, email, etc) with individual 
> transactions.  The permissioning for (1) /has/ to be gotten right and 
> the provenance for (2) has to be rock solid.
> Inspired by a recent discussion with the board, I spent yesterday day 
> re-researching all of the options I could think of and all of the 
> advice that I have been given recently on this topic.  Once again 
> nothing really suits our needs -- or does so within our price range / 
> off the shelf.   Even tools open tools like GnuCash, Homebank, and 
> Ledger which could theoretically be modified to fit our needs don't 
> really work because the underlying model is so different.
> So even though I set out to avoid rolling our own solution because I 
> think it might cause problems in the long term, we need to get to the 
> long term first.  After a lot of heartache I think we have to do this 
> ourselves.  Having looked at so many of these kinds of programs, I 
> have come up with what I believe is a minimal solution for our use 
> cases.  I am going to try to hack out the model tonight. However, what 
> I am going to write will not be Leah friendly...
> It also might not do all of the kinds of reporting, aggregation, and 
> interfacing that people want right off the bat.
> That said, I would /really /appreciate any help I got on this front.   
> I know that we are all busy and have our own projects.  I do too.  But 
> it is becoming critical for us to get this done.  So if you are 
> interested in this kind of project OR if you have a vested interest in 
> seeing NumFOCUS succeed please consider helping out and let me know.
> This is supposed to be a minimal viable product.  I think a couple of 
> days of sprinting on this will get the job done well enough.
> Be Well
> NumFOCUS Treasurer
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