[Linux-bruxelles] recherche d'un logiciel libre de comptabilité performant et adéquat

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas at pettiaux.be
Ven 6 Sep 13:25:30 CEST 2013


Le groupe numfocus recherche un logiciel de comptabilité pour ses besoins,
qui sont similaires à ceux du Software Freedom Conservancy qui est prêt à
recruter un programmeur pour développer / adapter l'application qui

Merci de transmettre à qui pourrait être intéressé et me mettre sur une

Bonne journée,


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Hello All,

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the state of the treasury's
financial accounting.  This will probably precondition a cry for help :).
Things have mostly been done on an ad hoc basis thus far.  I think that
this is normal for most young organizations.

However, I have been running exhaustive searches on various accounting
software out there over the past nine months.  This is in an effort to both
formalize how we work with projects (disbursing funds, accepting donations,
etc) and to help keep records for our tax filings.

We are in a unique-ish position in that we are a non-profit that is a
confederacy of projects.  The overwhelming majority of accounting software
out there does not come standard with critical features that we need.  If
you don't believe me that this is a problem, the software freedom
conservancy has these same issues and they have put out a call to hire a
developer to work on

The two main features we *must* have is 1) a first-class notion of projects
/ accounts, and 2) a reliable mechanism for storing and associating
documents (invoices, receipts, email, etc) with individual transactions.
 The permissioning for (1) *has* to be gotten right and the provenance for
(2) has to be rock solid.

Inspired by a recent discussion with the board, I spent yesterday day
re-researching all of the options I could think of and all of the advice
that I have been given recently on this topic.  Once again nothing really
suits our needs -- or does so within our price range / off the shelf.
Even tools open tools like GnuCash, Homebank, and Ledger which could
theoretically be modified to fit our needs don't really work because the
underlying model is so different.

So even though I set out to avoid rolling our own solution because I think
it might cause problems in the long term, we need to get to the long term
first.  After a lot of heartache I think we have to do this ourselves.
 Having looked at so many of these kinds of programs, I have come up with
what I believe is a minimal solution for our use cases.  I am going to try
to hack out the model tonight. However, what I am going to write will not
be Leah friendly...

It also might not do all of the kinds of reporting, aggregation, and
interfacing that people want right off the bat.

That said, I would *really *appreciate any help I got on this front.   I
know that we are all busy and have our own projects.  I do too.  But it is
becoming critical for us to get this done.  So if you are interested in
this kind of project OR if you have a vested interest in seeing NumFOCUS
succeed please consider helping out and let me know.

This is supposed to be a minimal viable product.  I think a couple of days
of sprinting on this will get the job done well enough.

Be Well

NumFOCUS Treasurer

Nicolas Pettiaux - +32 496 24 55 01 - http://rmll.info - http://lepacte.be
EuroSciPy 2013 co-chair http://www.euroscipy.org/
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