[Linux-bruxelles] Bytenight

Jurgen Gaeremyn jurgen at gaeremyn.be
Ven 25 Jan 23:02:21 CET 2013

Hey all,

The regular visitors of FOSDEM will probably know about this event - 
it's not organized by the people of FOSDEM (they already have plenty on 
their plate - thanks for doing a great job), but Hackerspace Brussels 
likes to see you all on the third edition of Bytenight.

What's bytenight? Well, obviously at night ... and it's all about bytes 
(and bites and drinks too, I admit). The first edition we had 8 bit 
music... last year you could participate in the Marquee challenge (try 
to get your message on the marquee). Who knows what the crazy guys of 
HSBXL popped together this year? So don't hesitate to bring along your 
laptop, you'll bump into plenty of fun people, there'll be great music 
and drinks... and since there's wifi, you'll know the drill (oh, and by 
the way... IPv6 is preferred).

For the last time, it will be happening in our location in Schaarbeek 
(Av. Princesse Elisabeth 48) - so watch out in 2014 coz we'll have a new 
address then...

If you don't know your way around Brussels, there's a party leaving at 
the Hackerspace at the ULB (UrLab - Avenue Buyl - next to the campus) at 
6PM. You're all welcome to tag along... Keep in mind, if you're going by 
car: parking might be a bit iffy... so be smarter and take pubic 
transportation! (also has the added advantage that you'll be able to 
drink some of our great Belgian beers!)

Want to see some pictures of last year?
Have a look here:

Want more details on the event this year?
Have a look here:

We're not anonymous, we're not legion,
But I'm willing to bet we're gonna be legion on Bytenight!

us all from HSBXL.
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