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Subject: [Fit] voluneers unite!
Date: 07 Feb 2003 02:15:24 +0100
From: Koenraad Heijlen <vipie at ulyssis.org>
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Hello Volunteers!

We can use your help at FOSDEM 2003!

You may have enlisted for a specific task already, or you may just be
waiting to see if there's anything to your liking. So here it is, a list
of things you can do at FOSDEM 2003.

1. Helping out the FIT infodesk.

-> You'll be greeting/helping visitors, talking English, Dutch, French,
German and...
You shouldn't be fluent in all three, just one will suffice.
-> You'll be handing out T-shirts
-> You'll be asking people for a Donation.

There will be a simple 'book' with the things you'll have to do, and
some frequently asked questions.

2. Watching the lended/rent material in the main tracks, the hackers
room, and the OpenSessions room.

-> You'll be listening to some talks, keeping an eye on our dear
-> You'll be teamed up with a number of others, making sure there's
always 1 (one) person in the room.
-> You'll be able to switch rooms (since you are not alone).

3. Cleaning/Setting up

-> You want to help set things up Friday evening from 18.00 till ... at
the ULB?
-> You want to help set things up Saturday morning from 08:00 at the
-> You want to help set things up (again) Sunday morning from 08:00 at
the ULB?
-> You want to help clean up Saturday and Sunday evening?

People already committed to something can see that here:


You can get an introduction to the campus at:

http://colony.be/fit/2002/sven/ulb_visit/ (the ones from last year, same

If you want something changed/added mailto:

Geert Poels <Geert.Poels at skynet.be>
Koenraad Heijlen <vipie at ulyssis.org>

friendly regards, Koenraad Heijlen.

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