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Henrion Benjamin bh at udev.org
Sam 9 Aou 20:32:07 CEST 2003

Je cherche des gens motives et responsables pour organiser une manif
contre les brevets logiciels fin de ce mois a Bxl, y aurait-il une ou
deux personnes pour organiser cela (contacter les autorites, avoir les
accords, etc...).

Le vote est a Strasbourg le 1er septembre... Et il n'y aura pas de
deuxieme vote.

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PILCH Hartmut <phm at a2e.de> [030807]:
> Hi,
> Some people have proposed that we should organise some spectacular
> event in the Europarl in the last week of August in BXL or on
> Sept 1 in STB.
> I'd say FFII can spend money, raise funds and give other assistance for this,
> but someone on site should take the main responsibility for organising it.
> Is something like this in sight ?

The problem is not organising a demo, but having the time to do it.

If you want to organise a demo in Brussels, you should choose the right
date (fri26, mon29), the right hour, and spread the word now so that
there will be ENOUGH people. So we are the 9 of august, it is not too
late to organise something, but we should take a decision before 48h.

> FFII will be sending 10 people to the Europarl for the last week of August,
> paying travel expenses etc, and hopefully turning out some more press
> releases and contacting press organs.  Plans have been sent out to some
> supporters.  More detailed ones will follow.  But I am unsure about how
> to handle the demo project that some people here have been calling for.

I can find someone responsible (not me, I've not the time) but we should
decide if yes or not you want to have a demo or not.

Benjamin Henrion <bh at udev.org>

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Benjamin Henrion <bh at udev.org>

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