[Linux-bruxelles] HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux

Geoffroy Stevenne geof at hellea.com
Lun 23 Sep 14:26:58 CEST 2002

Eh bien voilà qui devrait nous aider à attirer ces dames dans nos filets 
et surtout à les faire revenir.  Article très pertinent, à m'avis.


"Clearly, people in the Linux community would like for more women to be 
involved in Linux, but most people don't know why so few women are 
involved or how to change that. This HOWTO is an effort to summarize the 
explanations, recommendations, and opinions of the women who already are 
interested and active in Linux. While we represent the women who 'made 
it,' we still have fairly important insights into why other women left 
or never entered the Linux community, as well as being keenly aware of 
the pressures which are currently pushing us out of the community.

"In this HOWTO, we'll talk about why women stay out of computing in 
general, why they stay away from Linux in particular, and what you can 
do personally to help encourage women in Linux. We hope that this HOWTO 
will result in more women using, installing, and developing Linux..."

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