[Linux-bruxelles] Xvfb

constant copy.cult at constantvzw.com
Jeu 19 Sep 19:33:27 CEST 2002

lors de mes aventures pour installer le trio infernal apache tomcat cocoon,
je tombe sur l'écueil suivant:
cocoon a besoin de X, même si il n'affiche rien a l'ecran car il est lié a
awt qui ne veut rien entendre sans X.
et X c est assez irréaliste pour mon vieux ppc.

Je découvre les solutions ci dessous:
soit virer la partie svg: solution de simplicité
soit installer Xvfb pour tromper awt

des avis sur xvfb ?

Running Cocoon on a headless Unix box
If you have trouble getting Cocoon2 to run on a Unix box that has no X
Server running, you have several choices.

1.  To simply remove Cocoon's dependency on an X Server, and if you don't
plan on using any SVG stuff, comment out or delete from sitemap.xmap the
three SVG serializer entries (svgxml, svg2jpeg, svg2png) and the pipeline
entries that use them. Then restart your servlet container. Note that if you
are using Tomcat, be sure to delete the $TOMCAT_HOME/work/localhost/cocoon
directory before starting it back up again.
2.  To install xvfb, follow these instructions:
a.  Download xvfb from http://www.xfree86.org
b.  Install Xvfb per the instructions for your platform
c.  Create a startup script so that Xvfb always starts when the machine
boots. Alternatively, you could include this just in the Tomcat startup

Xvfb :0 -screen 0 640x480x8 &

d.  Finally, make sure your $DISPLAY environment variable is set correctly:

export DISPLAY=:0

3.  You can also install Java 1.4 which does not require an X Server for
AWT. However, at this point in the Java 1.4 development it will probably be
more trouble than it is worth.

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